Hi, I'm Danielle!

My husband and I live in the middle of nowhere in southern Oregon.  We're the parents of three kiddos, Einstein, Miss Euler, and Baby Euclid.

I am passionate about helping other moms discover how to live well, raise healthy children, and stay true to their deepest convictions.

Unfortunately, these days, those things aren't as simple as they sound!  When I became a mother, I felt like every time I tried to do "the right thing" in regard to health, nutrition, or parenting, I was swimming against the current.

Here's the thing I began to discover:

Our culture does not equip parents to raise healthy, happy children.  Our culture could not give a crap (pardon me) whether you live in a way that stays true to your deepest convictions.  Our culture is using outdated methods to deal with very modern (and quickly changing) problems.

And it takes a lot of critical thinking to discern which of the messages that we are receiving from our culture are true and helpful and relevant for TODAY, and which ones are just "the way things have always been done."

I first began to discover this 8 years ago, when my life started to change.

I've had asthma since infancy.  Every morning and night, for as long as I could remember, I had used my two preventative inhalers, and I took my rescue inhaler with me everywhere I went.  I was that kid who had to stop playing the tag game at summer camp and tell my counselor I couldn't breathe.  For years, I had nightmares about going somewhere and forgetting my inhaler!  I am thankful for the modern medicine that made semi-normal life possible for me, but I always felt so dependent on my medicine.

My doctors cared.  They really did.  But I never, ever, was told that there was a way to manage my asthma without prescriptions.  Nobody mentioned it.  Maybe nobody knew.

Then, about 8 years ago, I started my journey toward natural, simple living and real food, and it's been the ride of a lifetime!  When I started rejecting the things I accepted as "sound nutritional advice," my asthma began to go away all by itself!  Surprise bonus, my seasonal allergies have gone away, too, and my acne's cleared up!

The key here is that I didn't find healing or health by listening to what our culture told me.  I had to dig deep, read between the lines, and find the truth for myself.

And it breaks my heart when I see other moms who haven't found the truth for themselves.

That's why I do what I do: because I have to share this in hopes that someone else can experience a similar healing journey!

I am now convinced that if we care for our bodies the way they are supposed to be cared for, they may surprise us by working the way they are supposed to!

But here's the best part: we don't have to choose between our own health and the health of the environment.  What's good for us (real, local food, produced in a way that builds soil and treats animals with respect) is good for the planet too, and even good for our fellow global citizens.  We take care of the earth, and it produces an abundance of goodness to care for us! 

If this sounds too good to be true, please don't take my word for it.  Join me on this wild ride of discovery!  You can receive updates right in your email inbox to make sure you don't miss a thing.

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