Saturday, March 19, 2011

You Have to Start Somewhere...

I have a new toy... a very nice one (my husband and I each got some "allowance" from our tax refund).

I'm not much of a seamstress.  By which I mean, my repertoire of projects includes two ugly pillows in 7th grade "Consumer and Family Studies," 2 dozen flannel baby wipes made from receiving blankets, and about 4 kitchen window valances.  All straight seams, none of which are highly visible!  

After a few weeks of nervously letting it sit, untouched on my desk, I finally plucked up the nerve to thread the machine and figure it out yesterday.  It was insanely easy, and I regretted that I'd been scared to do it before.  

Today, I pulled out some fabric that I've been wanting to get started with and made a little valance to go under my living room curtains.  I didn't branch out much from my rut of long, straight seams, but I am reasonably pleased with the results and feeling much more confident about using the sewing machine.

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  1. I am thoroughly impressed! And I know exactly what you mean about being "afraid" of a machine like that. It took me a LONG time to make up my mind to become friends with my serger. I just didn't want to think that hard. I had to READ the manual! lol You did a good job. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! I am impressed. I had a sewing machine when I was a kid, but it was a kids version and I broke it. It broke because I kept trying to do real sewing on it, and it just couldn't hang. I haven't sewn since, although I always think about getting a machine.

  3. Yay! You'll be addicted in no time.
    Sewing is very cathartic to me. I just love it. Have fun! :)

  4. Wow! Congratulations! I hope you LOVE it:)

  5. Thank you so much for linking up to Simplicity Saturday! I was excited to see your "allowance" from the tax refund as we had one as well!!! :) And I love your valance, what a wonderful job! Take care!!!

  6. Yolanda, that's exactly how I felt about the sewing machine! I originally had an old one from a friend that I was really scared of. This new one was so easy that I didn't have much to worry about.
    Jackie, that's a great story. :) It took me a long time to bite the bullet and get one, but I think it'll be worth it.
    Valerie, you are my sewing hero! I will probably ask you lots of questions.
    Stacia, I am so excited! You have so many good ideas of things to sew - I will be looking to you for inspiration, I think.
    Marie, thanks for stopping by!


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