Monday, January 2, 2012


I am not, by nature, a very blood-thirsty person.  But there's something about those darn blackberries.

Maybe it is the evil thorns (pricking precious little toddler fingers).  Maybe it is the fact that they can grow up to 23 feet in one year (What!?).  Or maybe it is just the name "noxious invasive weed."

Whatever the reason, it's incredibly satisfying to tear them out.  Violently.  And take them to the burn pile.  Ha!  Take that, blackberries!

This once-ensnared corner of the garden (sorry about the glowing bucket) has become...

a pile of evil thorniness, ready to be dragged away and burned.

The experts say that the best time of year to remove Himalayan blackberries is right after they flower, before they fruit, when they have used up much of their stored energy and have not yet produced seeds.  I'm sure the experts are right.  But right now, they are really easy to spot in the garden, since they are about the only green things in a sea of brown.  So out they go.

Maybe I like this job so much because unlike the  laundry and dishes, these particular blackberry canes will never need to be worked on again!

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