Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Arrival of the Chicken

You may recall from a few weeks back that we've been planning to adopt my sister-in-law's chickens.  Well, due to some unforeseen events involving coyotes and said chickens, the flock is down to one.  Our one lonely girl arrived yesterday and is enjoying free reign of our backyard while we work on finishing her run.

The kids love the chicken.  Einstein chases her around saying, "hey, little guy!" and "Mommy, she likes chicken food!"

The dogs think there is an intruder in the backyard that needs to be promptly dispatched.  They are not enjoying sharing their yard-time.  As soon as the chicken's run is finished, they'll be able to share yard space, but for now we have to keep them away from each other.

Now that we have our little hen, we need to come up with a name for her.  Any suggestions?  Should we go with a chicken-y name like Henny Penny?  I kind of like Lola.  We will be getting a new batch of chicks as soon as it warms up enough for them up here, so we may want to have matching names or a theme... what do you think?

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  1. I like Lola.
    I once had a car named Lola.
    Plus, if you name her Lola, you can sing Barry Manilow songs about her. Bonus.

  2. My one qualm about Lola is that song by the Kinks...I don't want her having any gender confusion issues. I want her to know she's a lady and should be laying eggs. But if she only knows the Barry Manilow song, I guess she should be alright. I'll have to run it by the husband. :)

  3. We have chickens like this, they are some of our best layers.

  4. So glad she made it up there safe and sound! We got our chicks very early beause I wanted lots of eggs as soon as possible. We kept them in the house in a tall box with a heat lamp until they were big enough to go to the garage. Having them inside for a while made it easier to "get acquainted" with them. Having had multiple batches of chicks I can tell you the more you "chat" with and hold them the more comfortable they will be with you when they're full grown. Good luck!!

  5. Megan, do you know what breed she is? She seems prettier than your average chicken.
    Kara, I guess I should really ask you what breed she is. She is doing fine and getting more comfortable with us, I think. We're excited for little chicks to hang out with! Maybe if they're in the house with us, Samson will figure out that they're not prey. I'm sure I'll have more chicken questions for you at some point. :)

  6. I think she's a Light Brahma. They're supposed to be very gentle.

  7. A Light Brahma... sounds good. :) She is very gentle so far. It's hard to gauge her personality right now, since she's not with a flock and she's still getting used to us and our yard. She's still pretty shy.

  8. I recall a sweet, soft-hearted little girl who cried when her first grown-up inhaler was empty and was thrown away. Maybe beacuse she gave it a name; "Teensy Vent" (it was a smaller sample from the doc's office). Since she's still soft-hearted, I can't see her eating a pet, with or without a name, when it stops laying eggs. So go ahead and have fun with names. A theme sounds nice. It would be a hoot to hear the kids calling out to Spain, Peru, and Kenya.

  9. Wait a sec, you're not supposed to tell embarrassing stories about me on my own blog... But, yeah, I don't think it would be easy to eat the chickens. Since they will live in the yard, and not in the house, I think we'll be a little more emotionally distant, but still. On the other hand, I would feel okay eating them knowing they had good chicken lives instead of factory-chicken lives.
    The chicken has tentatively been named Lola. But maybe we will change that to Lima, and then have an Asuncion, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo to go along with your theme. The husband doesn't care, the kids won't notice, and the chicken doesn't know, so I could change her name every week if I wanted to. :)


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