Monday, May 23, 2011

A Fat-full Breakfast

The best meals so often come from leftovers!

We had a cookout with some friends on Friday night, and there was about a pound of leftover burger meat sitting in the fridge looking at me this morning.  In the summer, due to my husband's job, I don't cook lunches or dinners, so the leftover meat had to be eaten for breakfast (we have the option of eating breakfast at hubby's work as well, but it is usually mass-produced pancakes, muffins, waffles, and the like...not a good way to start the day).

What to do with ground meat for breakfast?...sounds like sausage!  I somewhat adapted the turkey breakfast sausage recipe from Nourishing Traditions and made gravy from the drippings...oh so good!  This was my first time to make real sausage gravy for breakfast, and the kids loved it.  The gravy - just drippings, a little flour, and milk - seems sweet when paired with the salty sausage.

Now, I'm pretty sure this meal would not pass the politically-correct-breakfast test, and it will probably never appear in a commercial describing a "balanced breakfast."  It is too heavy on the meat and butter, and light on the high fructose corn syrup.  But (except for the white flour in the gravy...someday I'll be rich and use arrowroot powder as a thickener), I can feel good feeding it to my family (someday I'll also be able to use all pastured beef and turkey in the sausage too...but we do what we can).

Here is the sausage recipe, as adapted from Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions:


1 lb. ground meat (mine was a combo of beef - to convince the hubs that it was burger meat - and turkey - because grocery store beef scares me, and turkey seems marginally better)
1 onion, finely minced (I nearly pureed mine in the food processor this time, and it was perfect!)
1/4 tsp each cumin, pepper, nutmeg, oregano, cayenne pepper, and ginger
1/2 tsp each dried basil, thyme
1 tsp sea salt (the recipe originally calls for 2 tsp, but it always seems salty to me)
2 Tbsp. whole grain bread crumbs
2 Tbsp. butter
1 egg (whoops, I had no eggs this morning... so I used the handy exchange of 1 Tbsp. ground flax seed plus 3 Tbsp. water)

Combine all ingredients, form into patties, and saute in butter.

After cooking off my sausage, I added about 2 Tbsp. of flour to the pan, mixed it for a minute, then gradually added about a cup of milk to make sausage gravy.

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  1. Looks good! If you can get Azure Standards they have arrowroot powder for 1 lb 2.40, 5lbs 9.95.

  2. I missed seeing a sausage recipe in NT. Interesting.

    Will try this sometime soon with either ground beef or bulk sausage. I'll use onion powder, every time I chop onion for a recipe I always have problems with the texture of it in the finished food. I'm not a good chopper/dicer/mincer.

  3. Your breakfast sounds delicious, and reminds me of the sausage patties my Mom used to make. It's also a great way of using up leftovers and avoiding waste - and I think a full fat breakfast once in a while does you good! Thank you for sharing this post with the Hearth and Soul blog hop.

  4. My husband would love this! Especially with some homemade buttermilk biscuits....yum!

  5. Megan, I'll have to look around for some Arrowroot powder. Thanks for the tip!

    Andy, I hope you enjoy it! My husband didn't like the minced onions in the sausage the first time I made it, but the nearly-pureed ones mixed in really well.

    April, thanks for stopping by!

    Joanna, I wish I'd planned ahead better and had some biscuits too! Yum!

  6. I made this twice over the past week, it is fantastic! This is now my go-to sausage recipe.

    I've always had trouble with gravy, it never wants to thicken for me. I tried it like in the directions, and could not get it to thicken. Than I read online to mix the flour with some water before adding it, and it thickened right up. Can't explain it, but I'll take it. :)


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