Friday, September 2, 2011


Sorry, this post is not about chocolate.

It is about goodbyes!  As in, we're packing up and leaving for Oregon in 5 days!  And all of a sudden, there are lots of "lasts."  Our last Sunday at church (not really that sad, because I'll see most everyone I am close to again before we leave), our last weekend of campers at our current camp, and today, our last raw milk pick up in town!

Okay, that last one might sound kind of dumb.  But we've been picking up our milk at the same little store for the last 2 years, and what started out as a hassle has turned into one of my favorite outings with the kids.  We always go around the same time of day on Friday mornings, so the same staff are always working.  We follow the same milk pick-up routine, play for a few minutes at the kid's toy table, and pick a treat to eat outside on the porch before heading home.  We always visit with the same sweet lady (the owner or manager, I think) who gushes over the kids and lets them ring the bell on her counter, and the kids always have to be reminded not to play in the basket of shelled peanuts at the check-out.

It's the little things.

So, today, we said our goodbye to good ol' Sammy's Organics on 8th Street, received hugs from the manager (have I mentioned that I love small stores?), and moved on to the next chapter of our little lives.

It was (and I think much in the next week will be) bittersweet.

Now, off to to find a new raw milk dairy!  What?  There is actual gorgeous green, growing grass in Oregon that doesn't have to be irrigated to survive and feed dairy cows?  I think I am going to like this place...

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