Friday, October 14, 2011

P90X and No More Oreos!

No, I am not starting P90X.  This is not a good time in my life to be pursuing extreme home fitness.

But it's a great time for my husband to do it!  We splurged on the P90X videos my last year of college (I got one whole week in to it before finding out I was expecting...I quit), and my husband's been SO determined to finish out the 3 months of fitness videos several times.  But different things have always gotten in the way, like a workout partner who got too busy to participate, angry downstairs neighbors who didn't appreciate all the jumping around, and no good place to work out without toddlers climbing all over him (a kid on your back makes push ups an extra challenge).

But now he has a garage, time on his hands during our off-season, and no (good) excuses!  I am way excited.

The lovely folks who invented P90X really included everything they could to help people succeed at it, including a very comprehensive diet plan.  The diet plan seemed insanely difficult when we did it together 4 years ago, because it starts out very low carb to help accelerate weight loss.  Fortunately the last few years of cooking from scratch and reading about people who eat low-carb/GAPs/Paleo-type diets all the time has convinced me that this is a pretty do-able program.  I will be including more fats in my husband's diet than I'm "supposed to," mainly coconut oil, but I think that will help him be more satisfied with what he gets to eat, and more energetic in general.  Really, even if you eat absolute sludge, if you work out as much as the plan calls for, you can't help but lose a little weight.  So I don't think a few tablespoons of coconut oil here and there are going to seriously derail his goals.

The real reason I'm excited, though, is that starting up this fitness plan means my husband can no longer ask me to buy him occasional packages of Oreos to hide on top of the fridge for after the kids go to bed.  Not that I would ever be tempted by Oreos or anything...

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