Monday, September 16, 2013

Easy Garden Changes Tip #2: Embrace (some) weeds

This post is part of a series of Easy Changes to Make Your Garden Act More Like Nature.  For the full story, start at the beginning with Tip #1, Get Rid of Bare Earth.

Tip #2. Embrace (some) weeds

Okay, you might not want to have huge thistles shading out your carrots.  But a few "weeds" can be great helpers in the garden.  Many weed species are "pioneer plants" that are perfect at thriving in, and improving, bare earth.  Others may attract beneficial insects.  As you learn to recognize the various "weeds" in your yard, you may find that some are actually helping.  For example, if I find clover in my garden, I leave it alone or just chop it off and toss it on the soil, instead of pulling it from the roots.  It's a nitrogen-fixing plant which is helping improve the garden soil, and it's helping shade the garden to retain moisture.  Other "weeds" have medicinal or culinary uses, and can be harvested instead of disposed of.

Here are some more great uses for common "weeds."

Next up will be Tip #3, Compost In Place (one of my favorites).

Do you "embrace" any weeds?  Have you ever eaten something considered a weed, or left it alone in the garden instead of pulling it? 

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  1. In my tomato garden I have some of the same issues. Having to pull them each one by one isn't as bad as the ones in my lake! But I bought a Lake Bottom Blanket at that keeps my lake weed free.


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