Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I Never Knew I Wanted to Know

There is so much to learn.  There are a million topics that I never even knew existed until I became a mom.  And then suddenly, when my children's futures became my highest concern, things that never even registered on the ol' brain-radar suddenly take pretty high priority.  These are some of the things I am most interested in, and about which I am most excited to learn and share!

Sure, they can analyze the chemical content of every food known to man, but what in the world do these foods actually do inside us when we eat them?  Obviously, nobody has all the answers to this one, since there is a new "healthy food" and a new "evil food" every other week, it seems.  But isn't it fascinating?  And is it possible that generations of people before us knew, from experience and tradition, a whole lot of wisdom that we have forgotten?

Food Production:
What?  Huge corporate farms aren't the only way to feed our families?  Not many of us are into all-out subsistence farming.  Is there an alternative that is good for us and good for the planet?

Well, we all know that antibacterial hand soaps have gone the way of the dinosaur, but what about everything else we think we know?  Germ theory and sterilization have sure saved lives the past hundred years or so, but what are we going to do when all our bacteria is drug-resistant?

Does more money dumped into a school system really equate to more successful students?  Is it best to just forget the whole system and take care of my kids' education on my own?  What can I do to help them be successful?

Caring for the Earth:
What can I do in my own home to make a difference?  Does it even matter?

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