Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yogurt Saga, Chapter 2

A few days ago, we talked about villi yogurt (room-temperature incubation!) and my desire to give yogurt-making a try (again!).

Well, my dehydrated villi yogurt culture arrived from Cultures for Health, and I got started right away (as soon as I bought some pasteurized milk from the grocery store to make a "pure mother").  

It was so easy!

Step 1:
Pour 1/2 cup milk into glass jar (I used a quart jar because it is the first one I saw in my cupboard and I wanted to see if the sock would fit it for future batches.)

Step 2:
Stir in dehydrated yogurt culture.

Step 3:
Cover (in a way that allows the yogurt to breath) and put in a warm (70-78 F) spot for 24-48 hours.  Yes, this is a sock.  I got the idea from Laurie at Common Sense Homesteading and thought I'd give it a try.  The idea is to put it in a sunny spot so the dark fabric will help absorb some heat in the winter.  Note: if you put your yogurt in a sunny spot, make sure it is all the way covered, because sunlight sanitizes things, including beneficial bacteria!

Could this possibly be any easier?  No scalding.  No cooling.  No pre-warming the oven and then turning it off so it's warm but not to warm!

My waiting time is almost over, and I'll go check on my undisturbed yogurt starter to see how successful this super-easy process has been!

To find out if the culture worked, read Yogurt Saga, Chapter 3!


  1. Ok I need more instructions here. What is over the jar? It looks like a sock. LOL. What type of jar did you transfer the yogurt to after being in the Pyrex?

  2. Whoops, I was in a hurry typing and left out a few details. Um, it is a sock. Weird? Maybe. I got the idea from Common Sense Homesteading and thought I'd try it. And I put my yogurt in a quart mason jar, but it's only half a cup of yogurt, so any size would work. The instructions recommended using glass containers and wooden utensils when working with yogurt.
    Thanks for the heads up - I will put a few more details in the post. :)


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