Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Sweet Smell of No Chickens!

Last evening, I went to a children's consignment sale all by myself while my husband hung out with the kids (shopping along is kind of a big deal around here).  When I got home, I found the fam playing in the front yard, having recently returned from the playground.  We all walked into the house together, and guess what?

The house smelled good.

It's not that it usually smells horrible, usually just kind of neutral.  We are not really into Febreeze, Plug-ins, or Scentsy, and if it smells like I've been cleaning, it just smells like vinegar.  But it smelled good when we walked in last night.

I think it's because the chickens are out of the laundry room forever, and they were so stinky that their absence is immediately noticeable.


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