Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Most Relaxing 10 Minutes of My Day

Birds chirping, a light breeze blowing, standing barefoot in the grass, with the diapers getting nicely bleached.  Not a bad 10 minutes' work.  Now if only I had a real clothesline...

Do you line dry your laundry or use a dryer?  What are your favorite reasons for using your chosen method?  Also, if you live in a damp/perpetually rainy climate, do you have any tips for line-drying during the rainy season?

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  1. I thought I was the only one who found hanging laundry on the line relaxing :) Nice to save money, be good to the environment and get outside :) This by far my favourite chore! My goal is to have a line from the big maple tree out back right up into my bedroom and avoid lugging baskets up the stairs :)

  2. It is so peaceful to get outside and hang laundry! That sounds like a great idea for a clothesline setup. Have you seen those clotheslines with a pulley where you can put the item on, then move the clothesline to reveal the next empty spot for the next item?

    1. I have...and it is on my wish list :) Right now I have the "umbrella" style which works...but is not as handy. But I still love it..the smell...the fresh air...the peace. A friend actually puts the clothes that get hung up on hangers and puts them on the line on hangers, clips them and then when they are dry she just brings them right upstairs into the closet. I need to buy some extr hangers to try it!


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