Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Julie and Julia

Last night, after making my family a thoroughly extravagant meal of shrimp (on sale, and local!  I love living in Oregon) and green beans, I indulged my inner lazy mom.

I made some grain-free brownies (and somehow limited myself to only two tiny squares, because I wanted the baby to actually sleep later after nursing...but they were SO good), watched the first half of Julie and Julia, snuggled the baby, and yelled across the kitchen at the kids to stop strangling each other with scarves.

Really (the strangling with scarves part, I mean.  It really happened).

It was glorious (the brownies and movie, I mean, not the strangling.  Whew, this is getting complicated).

Shrimp, chocolate, a movie about the love of butter, and abdication of my motherly duties, all in one night.

I learned a little bit about French cooking, and reconfirmed my suspicion that if I wanted to be a world-changing blogger, I should've started in 2002, not 2011.  Ha.

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