Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Overheard in a Real Food House

While 4 year old Einstein and 2 year old Euler play with cups in the bathtub,

"Is your kombucha ready yet?"
"No, mines is not ready yet.  Is yours ready yet?"
"Yes, my kombucha is all ready."

I had to intervene before they started gulping down the bath water.


At the beach the other weekend, playing in the beautiful fine sand,
"Mommy, this sand looks like sugar!  Sugar is for making kombucha."


At least twice a week, Einstein asks whether he can eat "those yellow flowers in the lawn that you can eat the the flowers, and the leaves, and the roots."  He means dandelions, and he apparently remembers eating dandelion greens quite vividly, although it was over a year ago.  One of the many joys of a non-pesticide-laden lawn.

I was amused the other day when we were naming food items in a big picture book of "everyday" words.  One page was all fruits and vegetables, and the facing page was all meats, eggs, dairy, bread, cookies, spaghetti, ice cream, etc.  The kids did great on the fruits and veggies page, except for the usual melon vs. lemon confusion and beets vs. radishes (round, red root veggies...).  But usually rather know-it-all Einstein looked at me with a totally blank face when I asked him to point to a roll.  '

"Mommy, what is a roll?"

Ahh, these kids are so screwed up.

I love it.

If you have kids in your life, how do you see your food values echoed in their lives?  

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  1. Ha! I seriously hope my kids say the same things too, someday.

    1. There are SO many areas where we have a long way to go, so it's super encouraging to hear that at least a little bit is getting through to the kids. :)


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