Monday, September 3, 2012

Gluten-free Chicken Gravy

We love a good roast chicken.  This week, we had our first ever real, live, happy, pastured chicken (well, it wasn't happy was dinner.  But it had a heck of a good life) from a farmer down the road!

We have been eating only organic chicken for over a year, only occasionally (because those poor organic birds are still not necessarily pastured or well-raised), and only whole birds (waaay cheaper, plus then we get all the bones, and we're not supporting the illogical "boneless skinless breast" phenomenon).

So this particular chicken was a bit of a treasure, and I intended to use every bit of it.  We ate up the chicken, popped the carcass in the crock pot with some water to make broth, and drained the drippings into a pan, which went in the fridge.

A few days later, those gorgeous drippings were calling my name at lunch time.  They looked like they would be perfect as a gravy to enjoy over rice noodles!

With some nice, soft noodles and ooey-gooey sauce, I was even able to pass this off to the kids as a mac 'n' cheese substitute.  It was grudgingly accepted (I thought it was delicious)

Chicken Gravy

1/2 c to 1 c chicken drippings
2 tsp. rice flour (I think arrowroot starch would work too as a thickener)
1 c. cream, milk, or chicken stock
additional salt/pepper to taste


  1. Heat chicken drippings in small saucepan
  2. Thoroughly stir in rice flour (a whisk helps get the lumps out).
  3. When flour is thoroughly incorporated, slowly add cream, milk, or chicken stock, stirring well, until gravy reaches desired consistency.  Remove from heat.
Do you have any "rubber chicken" ideas that stretch a single cut of meat into more meals than one?  What are your favorite leftover ideas?


  1. Hi, for those who have a gluten allergy there is another option. I put a little safflower oil in a pan (maybe 1/8th inch depth in bottom of pan) then whisk in a small amount of finely ground potato flour. After the potato flour is mixed in, turn the burner on medium high. Now add your chicken broth (can also do with pork or beef broth if you cook a roast in a crockpot), and whisk until your gravy thickens. Add salt and pepper as needed. The gravy comes out wonderful, and I have found the potato flour works better than rice flour.

    Good Luck!

    1. Thank you so much for the fantastic idea!


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